About Us

Learning Through Play

Ashburton kindergartens

We help children to develop high self-esteem and confidence.

We are a group of well-established, non-profit, professional kindergartens based in the Ashburton community, offering education for 2-6 year olds.

We maintain a high-quality programme, which is taught by professional teachers, ably supported by a Kindergarten Manager and Board.

Your children will benefit from a wealth of educational and play resources, whilst in a safe and secure, clean and comfortable environment.

We promote high self-esteem and confidence – happy children bring happy parents and families. We believe children do their greatest amount of learning through play.

Our professional teachers are all qualified in Early Childhood Education. They extend your child’s thinking and choices through individual programme plans and provide an educational environment and appropriate resources to support your child’s learning needs.

Contact us

You can see a list of our Kindergartens at the right. You are welcome to contact your nearest kindergarten directly, or call us on 03 308 3779.